Into The Arcade – “Wreck-It Ralph” Review

ImageWhen I started seeing trailers and movie posters for Disney’s newest animated family film, Wreck-It Ralph, my expectations were not too high. I wasn’t expecting the film to be much more than a money grab for the parents of video game-addicted children. When my family rented it for movie night, I was admittedly even less excited. (I secretly thought we should have rented The Dark Knight Rises, though that probably wouldn’t have been for family movie night.) However, when we popped in the disc and started the movie, I quickly was sucked into the universe of the arcade.

The premise of the movie is that Ralph is the beefy-handed “bad guy” of the popular arcade game, “Fix-It Felix Jr.” He’s unhappy with his life because while Felix and the denizens of Niceville reside in the skyscraper where the game takes place, he lives alone in the nearby dump. Shortly into the film, he becomes enamored with the idea of getting a medal, convinced that he’ll be accepted. He eventually ends up in the kart racer, Sugar Rush, where he meets Vannelope Von Schweetz, a young girl who wants to become a racer in her game.I can’t say much more without spoiling much of the plot, which is rather complicated for a family film.

The premise of the movie actually turns out to be very good. Anyone who has played a few video games before will be grinning when the arcade closes and the characters start coming to life. The way in which the transition from real world to game world happens is very clever, and the transition from pixelated characters to three-dimensional ones is equally so. Inclusion of both old school and new school characters is also very cool.

The two best things Wreck-It… has going for it are its plot and its high level of cleverness. The plot, as said above, is pretty complex for a Disney film, but flows well and isn’t hard to follow at all. Anyone who is prone to crying may want to keep a few tissues nearby, because if you connect with the characters well, there will be a few tear-jerking scenes. There are multiple twists in the plot near the end, which are for the most part completely unexpected and turn your assumptions about some of the characters on their head. There are a few minor plot holes (which I’ll refrain from saying), but they don’t ruin the film and are easy to overlook.

The best thing about this film, though, is its sheer wit. Most of the jokes in the film are actually worth laughing at, which is more than could be said for most children’s films today. The way characters move and interact with each other correspond to how their games work, some of which are hilarious simply to watch. (Most of) the characters also work together well, and are pretty likeable. Fix-It Felix is actually incredibly funny because of just how good of a “good guy” he is.

You don’t even have to like video games to enjoy the movie, because despite the numerous game references and cameos, the plot isn’t centered around them and is therefore easy to follow even for those who know little to nothing about video games. Even my mother, who has never liked video games, enjoyed the film and laughed with the rest of us.

However, Wreck-It Ralph isn’t without its flaws. While it’s not terribly prominent, there is some unneeded potty humor in places. While most jokes are tasteful, these seem completely unnecessary. (However, the inevitable comparison between the words “duty” and “doody” admittedly made me giggle just because of how it was presented.) While the film is essentially free of any language, there are also some poorly veiled references to cuss words (“move your molasses,” etc.).

What’s really unfortunate is that the biggest flaw in the film is one of its main characters. Vanellope, the girl in Sugar Rush who wants to be a racer, is simply unlikable. Her backstory is actually interesting, and the dilemmas she faces are as well, but her personality can best be described as “really annoying.” Her voice is unpleasant and raspy, and she seems to remain hyper and insulting the entire film. Much of what comes out of her mouth is a taunt of some sort, and these taunts make up most of the potty humor in the film. She’s a main character, so the viewer is treated to her raspy insults throughout much of the film.


Overall Opinion:

While having some flaws,Wreck-It Ralph is definitely a good movie. While it’ll never live up to the greats such as Toy Story or Finding Nemo, it’s definitely worth renting and enjoying with the family. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it unless you really enjoy it, but I would definitely endorse seeing it.

7.5 out of 10 stars. sure you’ll enjoy it.


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